The challenge

Proxyclick’s customers can try the product for 30 days before deciding whether they want to subscribe. To increase conversion, Proxyclick needed to make sure people got convinced by the power of its solution as soon at they tried it. The Proxyclick team asked Central for help to improve its product’s onboarding process. We worked through this challenge with a series of Boosts.

Our approach

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. On top of welcoming and guiding new users, we pushed the onboarding process a step further by getting users to experience great unexpected product features. At the same time, we ask users for information that would directly customize their first experience.


  • Budget
  • Duration
    2 Boost design sprints
  • Release year

During this Boost, like in all the others, I feel that the value of the Central team is that they go much further than simply producing quality results but that they are also a trusted advisor, a partner who will push you hard at times, object, refute your ideas, often being right, and therefore... Help you improve.”

Geoffroy De Cooman - Product Owner