The challenge

Radio is being disrupted by the convenience of online music streaming. This is why French-speaking Belgian radio stations (such as RTL, RTBF, Nostalgie and FunRadio) collaborated to create MaRadio, a common online player. They asked Central to help them improve their player’s listening experience on all devices.

Our approach

We had 2 short months to transform MaRadio’s old platform into a new listening experience for smartphones, tablets, computers and TV. We asked decision-makers from the –usually competing– radio stations to come to our studio for a Boost design sprint. Through hands-on exercises we were able to take concrete design decisions and move forward quickly. From there, we imagined how the player would look and feel, while respecting each station’s brand. Using wireframes, prototypes and visual design, we refined our initial ideas to deliver an appealing multiplatform experience.


  • Budget
  • Duration
    4 weekly sprints over 2 months
  • Release year

“It is not always easy to bring together competing radio stations around one common project. But thanks to a friendly atmosphere and a few simple, well-targeted exercises we were able to quickly determine the features of the player that needed improvement and to define the direction in which this redesign should go.”

Julien Mourlon - Digital Manager Radio at RTL Belgium